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Audio-only or group video calls aren't yet possible, there's no web or desktop client, no multi-device support, and no way to share what's on your screen for example instead of what you see with your cameras.

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provided its readership with a background and summary of what was then a recently achieved, coherent Lessons Learned Programme (LLP).

That article, complete with flow chart, organizational diagram, and colourful graphic, described in deliberate detail a number of subjects: the five-step process of the LLP and its components; the roles and responsibilities of the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre (CFAWC); programme governance; and finally, a summary of the Operation (Op) HESTIA Project.

On my client side, I am in another timezone ("Europe/Amsterdam"), so I try to display dates in that timezone.

I am retrieving the json, and then convert it to a list of objects using , and it shows the same date and time but now "CEST" appended, which I do not understand.

Four others are on the fringe of contention at 6-over and sharing fifth.

ROUND TWO RECAPIn the Australian Women's Riversdale Cup, top-ranked Karis Davidson roared back into contention with a brilliant, if occasionally errant, 5-under-par 68 that featured an incredible eight birdies.


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Imagine, if you will, this article like a sequel to a good film; while the former blockbuster was enjoyed by many, movie goers will not be disadvantaged should this be their introduction to the franchise.As one may recall, Op HESTIA was Canada’s contribution to humanitarian relief in support of the nearly one-third of Haiti’s citizens in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake and its associated aftershocks in January 2010.A post-operation analysis of lesson observations conducted by CFAWC personnel revealed a number of areas for improvement.The girls spread their legs and want to feel your thick dick deep in her cunt.


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