Updating a view in oracle

05-Oct-2017 13:29

Yes, in Oracle, the VIEW continues to exist even after one of the tables (that the Oracle VIEW is based on) is dropped from the database.

updating a view in oracle-49

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create table employees( 2 empno NUMBER(4) 3 , ename VARCHAR2(8) 4 , init VARCHAR2(5) 5 , job VARCHAR2(8) 6 , mgr NUMBER(4) 7 , bdate DATE 8 , msal NUMBER(6,2) 9 , comm NUMBER(6,2) 10 , deptno NUMBER(2) ) ; Table created.

Insert, Update and Delete SQL Views You can use the "OR Replace" option.

The information displayed by this view is meaningful only for inherently updatable views.

For a view to be inherently updatable, the following conditions must be met: In addition, if an inherently updatable view contains pseudocolumns or expressions, then you cannot update base table rows with an UPDATE statement that refers to any of these pseudocolumns or expressions.

See the 11g documentation on views (look for the section titled "Notes on Updatable Views"). Once you have that trigger in place, you can update the view using the same syntax as if it was a table.

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