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Unfortunately, three of them (Nima, Alex, and Andrew) were eliminated on the season premiere, after failing to make a strong impression on Cindy. I get into my Nima Blue Eyes character when I'm in front of the camera. Gina, Reality Wanted: Do you feel like you were able to make a strong impression on Cindy? Nima: I was at a weird state of mine when I was on the show.

Two members, Timmy and Eric C., remain in the competition. Andrew: It was my very first time and I was really impressed. Gina, Reality Wanted: Was it tough to get used to being on camera all the time? Whoever says, "What an idiot for making an ass of yourself on tv." It's like, "Dude you would do the same thing." A. I thought it was cool that someone wanted to watch me. Andrew: All the camera guys were awesome and they were really professional.

I wish I could tell you I was in double or triple digits.

Had denied ever posing nude but, in early 2001, Hustler Magazine published topless pictures she posed for at age 19.

When confronted about this on Howard Stern (1994), she admitted that it was in fact her in the pictures and she did them because she was young and needed the money.

by Gina Scarpa Reality Wanted was proud to have five members cast on the Fox Reality dating show, Seducing Cindy, starring Cindy Margolis, which premiered last month.

“A lot of the girls were angry when they thought Kate Upton was coming,” Davidson said.

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Cindy Margolis may be the star of this series, but she is not the winner in the end.

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The biggest winners are the contestants who either walked off the series (Marc Hertle)or left on their own.In her new book, (Perigee), Cindy brings readers along with her on her journey.