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Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are the London parks that get all the attention, but Regent’s Park is much more than the green surrounding area of the London Zoo.Dating back to 1835 as a public park, its history as an open space actually goes back much further – it once belonged to the monks of Barking Abbey until King Henry VIII took it as crown property and turned it into a hunting park.The original city lies within the Ringstrasse, although the Vienna Woods, with its Heurigen (wine taverns) should not be overlooked.Along the Ringstrasse are some beautiful 19th century buildings, including the State Opera House, Museum of Fine Arts, Natural History Museum, the City Hall and the State Parliament.In human populations, inbreeding over time leads to genetic diseases such as Tay-Sachs, found most commonly in groups of Ashkenazi Jews.

Once the Habsburgs’ summer palace, it has 1411 rooms – some forty open to the public.The Imperial Palace, the Hofburg, now houses the Austrian president’s offices and museums; the chapel where the Vienna Boys’ Choir sings and the hall where the Lipizzan stallions perform.The Imperial Apartments can be toured, while the Treasury has fabulous exhibits including the Imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire."Tell me about the love life of a flamingo," I said. Judging from what I learned from Mike Dee, who'll be giving the lecture, it's a good thing they do the talk first, then dinner ... Dee has a long history at the zoo dating back to the 1960s. The flamingo is actually about the most phlegmatic lover Dee showed me at the zoo.

He was the senior keeper, then general curator, and worked on the Indian rhino breeding project, which saw the birth of the first Indian rhino at the L. The male does a bit of a dance, then they breed, she lays an egg, and they raise the chick together.

In the incestuous world of zoo dating, Herschel's genes are some of the most valuable of any male banteng in North America. With 5,000 or so Banteng clinging to existence worldwide, the 317 thin straws filled with Herschel's frozen sperm at the St.

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